RFQ/P 4300 San Pablo

All applicants are required to attend a mandatory pre-submittal meeting on Monday May 8, 2017 at 10am.
Request for Qualifications/Proposals

1-     Map of Emeryville
2-     Photographs of Property and Aerial Site Photo
3-     ALTA Study
4-     Allowable Development Calculations
5-     Zoning and Use Classification Table
6-     Estimated Parking Demands (Planning Regulations, Article 4, Section 9-4.404)
7-     City of Emeryville Design Guidelines
8-     Environmental Remediation Documents - Phase 1
9-     Title Sheet
10-   Project Information Sheet
            10.a-    Housing Affordability Table
11-    Sources and Uses Budget Template
12-    30 Year Cash Flow Pro Forma Template
13-    Emeryville Housing Element Goals, Objectives, Policies and Programs
14-    Pre-Submittal Meeting PowerPoint Presentation 

The City will be taking questions regarding the RFQ/P until Monday May 22nd. All questions and answers will be made available on this webpage.  
Submittal deadline: Friday May 26, 2017, at noon