City Parks

couple enjoying the marina park

Parks & Facilities

IMPORTANT: The field at Doyle Hollis Park will be closed from April 17-May 17, 2017 for Re-Seeding of the Grass. Picnic Sites A, B, and C will be unavailable for rental during this period.

  • 61st Mini-Park
  • Christie Park
  • Davenport Park
  • Doyle Hollis Park
  • Eastshore Park
  • Horton Street Landing
  • Marina Park
  • Stanford Avenue Park
  • Temescal Creek Park



Emeryville's Parks and Facilities Matrixes is your guide to locations and amenities of every public park, open space, and rental facility in the city.

If you would like to rent any of these parks or facilities, please refer to Facilities Rental / Event Permits webpage.