Public Art Map & Photo Tour

Find the Locations of Public Art Pieces
The Emeryville Art in Public Places map locates selected pieces of larger collections as well as standalone pieces developed as part of the Art in Public Places Program in Emeryville.

As a result of the Art in Public Places Ordinance in Emeryville there are:
  • Over 40 publicly-owned art works in the city
  • Over 70 art installations available to the public in private developments
Public Art Map
To facilitate the public’s access to the myriad of installations, the Public Art Committee selected 30 of the pieces to be featured in a walking map numbered east to west and south to north. In a zigzagging line across the city, the map facilitates several different walking tours of each section of town. The map (PDF) is available online.

Public Art Bike Map
If you are biking look here for an overlay of the bike lanes, paths and routes accessing Emeryville’s Public Art, that is also available online (PDF).

Public Art Photo Tour
For a complete catalog (PDF) of the over 100 pieces of public art in Emeryville, including locations of the additional pieces is available online (warning large file).

The catalog is made up of several separately curated collections as well as some specialized sub-categories of installations. Where pieces are featured on the map, the location is noted - pieces in the collection with those mapped are generally in close proximity to the other pieces in the collection. The catalog includes: