Emery Go Round/PBID Assessment

Emery Go Round Shuttle (EGR) / Citywide Property Based Assessment District  PBID

At a noticed public meeting on June 2, 2015, staff brought forth to the City Council a resolution to initiate the proceedings establishing a Property and Business Improvement District (PBID) for the next fifteen years. The Council set a date, place and time for a public hearing of August 4, 2015. At this meeting  the City Council conducted a count of the ballots cast and determined that the property owners had approved the PBID and  Property Management plan, including the new assessment for all parcels that were within a one-quarter (¼) mile of an Emery Go Round Stop. 

Below are links to various information sources about the Emery Go Round Shuttle and the Citywide PBID.

For more information, contact Rochelle Conner, at 510-450-7801