City Installations 

Pubic art installed through administration of the ordinance includes permanent installations. Installations include a collection in City Hall, additional pieces in pubic places and public buildings and award winning utility box art program.

  1. Banners Emeryville Center
  2. Child Development Center
  3. Emeryville Civic Center
  4. Look Closely
  5. Neighborhood Convergence
  6. Peninsula Tell-Tail & Overlook
  7. Pampers & Sparky
  8. Sign of the Times
  9. James Emery Skate Spot
Banner Unique Emeryville Banners
In June 2005, the City of Emeryville installed the next phase of its banner program, entitled "Emeryville Life." Like the "Then and Now" banners that were installed in the first phase, the new banner program is intended to focus on what makes Emeryville unique as a city. Using bold colors and dramatic line drawings, the "Emeryville Life" banners highlight the varied daily activities of people who live or work in, or are visitors to, Emeryville.

Banner Themes
Some of the banner themes include a potter working at a wheel and the caption, "Emeryville Creates"; or a volunteer at the Emeryville Community Gardens, entitled "Emeryville Grows"; or a child and mother at the park, entitled "Emeryville Plays." The Emeryville Public Art Advisory Committee oversaw the implementation of the project. One hundred and ten banners are installed on major thoroughfares throughout Emeryville, and an additional 11 smaller banners were installed on the recently completed Doyle Street Greenway. Through a request for proposals process, the city selected Emeryville-based Walcott Ayers Group to design the banners. The banners were then fabricated by another Emeryville firm, Ferrar Color.