Ballot Measures

A ballot measure is a law, issue, or question that appears on a ballot for voters of the jurisdiction to decide.

Ballot measures can be (a) placed on the ballot through citizen initiative petitions; (b) referred to the ballot by the local governing body, in this case, the City Council; or (c) automatically placed on the ballot with no action from a legislature or governing body via a state law or constitutional provision requiring such a ballot measure.

"Measure O" for November 8, 2022 Election

At its July 5, 2022 regular meeting, the City Council took action to put a measure on the November 8, 2022, ballot. The staff report and video of that action can be found here:

City Council Regular MeetingJuly 5, 2022AgendaVideo

The question to be put before the voters by the ballot measure is:

Shall the measure to fund general City services including fire/emergency response/police; street/sidewalk/park maintenance; water pollution prevention; disaster preparedness; affordable housing; senior/childcare/ recreation services, by increasing the City of Emeryville Real Property Transfer Tax to $15 per thousand for property sales between $1,000,000 and $2,000,000 and $25 per thousand for property sales above $2,000,000, raising $5,000,000 annually until ended by voters, with citizen oversight, audits, and public disclosure of all spending be adopted?

                                      Yes  ______________  No  ______________

Direct Arguments For or Against the Measure were submitted and posted here for a 10-day public review period.

Rebuttals to Arguments For Measure O and Against Measure O were submitted and posted here for a 10-day public review period.