Council Priorities, Goals & Strategies

Fiscal Years 2019-2020

The City Council is committed to providing high quality services for the entire Emeryville community. The City Council listed the following as its major Goals and Priorities.


  1. South Bayfront Bridge
  2. Housing Bond Expenditure Plan
    1. Corp Yard Remediation
  3. Active Transportation Safety
    1. Multi-Modal Connectivity
    2. 40th Street Redesign
  4. Art Center
  5. Disaster Preparedness
  6. Parking Management
  7. Rail Safety / Quiet Zones
  8. Revenue Generating Ballot Measures for 2020; Other Revenue Opportunities Within the Next Twp-Year Budget Cycle
  9. Library Services
  10. Cultivate a Healthy Organization; Be a Model Employer and Build Capacity for Excellent Service
  11. Build a Code Enforcement Program