RFQ/P 4300 San Pablo

In May, 2017, the City circulated an RFQ/P for an affordable senior housing development on City-owned property at 4300 San Pablo Avenue.  As a result of feedback received during the RFQ/P process, the City has elected to pursue a General Plan Amendment and rezoning of the property to increase development capacity.  The Planning Commission and City Council are expected to review the proposed amendment in fall 2018.  If approved, the City will re-circulate an RFQ/P for the property in late 2018.

Background Information

2017 Request for Qualifications/Proposals

1-     Map of Emeryville
2-     Photographs of Property and Aerial Site Photo
3-     ALTA Study
4-     Allowable Development Calculations
5-     Zoning and Use Classification Table
6-     Estimated Parking Demands (Planning Regulations, Article 4, Section 9-4.404)
7-     City of Emeryville Design Guidelines
8-     Environmental Remediation Documents - Phase 1
9-     Title Sheet
10-   Project Information Sheet
            10.a-    Housing Affordability Table
11-    Sources and Uses Budget Template
12-    30 Year Cash Flow Pro Forma Template
13-    Emeryville Housing Element Goals, Objectives, Policies and Programs
14-    Pre-Submittal Meeting PowerPoint Presentation