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China's Blue Sky and National Sword policies reduce markets for recyclables

China has set limits on recycling material they receive from the U.S. and elsewhere, reducing the amount of “contaminated” materials they will accept in bales of paper and plastic.  For more information about China's Blue Sky and National Sword Policies, go to Stopwaste

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Keep on recycling, most of what's in your recycling bin is still good stuff!
What to do?
Continue recycling, but keep it clean and reduce your use of paper.  China doesn't want contaminated paper and plastics.

  • Empty and wash out food and beverage containers.
  • Stop junk mail , print double-sided, sign up for paperless billing.  Junk mail with crossed-out circle overlay

 Wasted Food in Your Fridge?  Stopwaste can help!

Confused by dates on that can?  Find spoiled food in your fridge?  You are not alone!  40% of all food produced in the U.S is wasted.  Be part of the solution:
Stopwaste has resources to help you save money and food.

Compost: make it happen at home

Use this Guide to Apartment and Condo Composting

Alameda County Mandatory Recycling Ordinance

Alameda County mandatory Recycling Ordinance Phase II began on July 1, 2014 for all businesses and multi-family properties with 5 or more units. Collection services, distribution of information and limited contamination are now required. For details, the ordinance text and more, go here: Alameda County Recycling Program

Alameda County Reusable Bag Ordinance

View the details, ordinance information and materials for shoppers and retailers.

 (All city and county ordinances remain in effect despite state referendum.)

View this video: 

about where collected materials go and how they get processed at Waste Management of Alameda County's facility on Davis St. Here's where to recycle nearly everything you can't put in your curbside bin.

Updated in April 2019:  See "What Goes Where" in the City of Emeryville...

Check out this poster.