The Emeryville Greenway

The Emeryville Greenway

The Emeryville Greenway extends from Berkeley’s 9th Street Bike Boulevard to Emeryville’s Horton Street Bike Boulevard which connect to Oakland’s Mandela Parkway. Berkeley’s 9th St bike boulevard connects north to Albany’s University Village and the Buchanan Street Cycle Track leading to the Bay Trail such that the Emeryville Greenway serves as an integral segment of a regionally significant bicycle and pedestrian pathway and designated route. The Emeryville Greenway will be extended further west through Horton Landing Park and linked to the to-be- constructed South Bayfront Bridge. For more information on the Bridge, expected in 2019, see here.

Greenway Extension at Stanford to Powell - Peladeau Park

California State Parks and Recreation helped fund the creation of the newest segment of the Emeryville Greenway and construction of Peladeau Park with over $800,000 in Proposition 84 Park bond funding. Local funds from Park and Transportation Impact fees completed the project in Spring of 2018. Volunteers are encouraged to assist with the interpretation and sustenance of the park improvements including the City’s first windmill. For volunteer opportunities contact Amber Evans at or 510-596-4382




The newest segment extends over two blocks and incorporates two murals The first block extends from the Powell Hollis Intersection to the Stanford Peladeau Intersection.


The second park block extends from the Stanford Peladeau Intersection to Stanford/Horton Intersection on which the other side will be built Horton Landing Park. And the South Bayfront Bridge spanning of the RxR tracks bifurcating Emeryville.

Staford Ave


Green Yard
Tan Brick Building
Brick and Tan Far


Overall Project Objective:

  • Create the new Peladeau Park and Greenway in the City of Emeryville through acquisition of .5 acres and development of 2 acres accessible to the public 10pm-7pm year-round with over 40 trees
  • Construct a gathering/picnic area, plaza, pathways, synthetic lawn and play area, windmill, public art, lighting, and landscaping
  • Allow for recreation including include jogging, dog-walking, picnic areas, ping pong and links to the area bicycle and walking paths to destinations beyond
  • Feature native landscaping including native trees, green screens, bioswales, mounds and planting palettes>
  • Feature inspirational public art at a central location for the neighborhood to enjoy in a tranquil and joyful setting
  • Use sustainable features including recycled glass and recycled lumber, energy efficient lighting, a micro turbine windmill, bike racks, and recycling bins on-site

Ping Pong Rental

Broken Rack

Ping Pong equipment will be available for rental from The Broken Rack, an adjacent business and pool hall for use at the public ping pong table on the Greenway.


Rails were converted to Greenways throughout Emeryville starting in the North section of Powell, and now continuing with the South section of Powell. The next phase is Horton Landing Park and the Sherwin Williams site.

The Key System ran trains on these rails and in Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco from 1903 to 1960 before it was sold to AC Transit. These trains specifically ran on the spur line that was converted to Peladeau Park and the Greenway. Prior to that, it was the route of the Southern Pacific Interurban Electric Railroad (IER) that ran directly from San Francisco through Emeryville to Albany and North Berkeley.

Electric Lines




  • Proposition 84 California State Parks provided over $800,000 for park construction
  • City impact fees matched these funds as follows
  • Park Impact Fee: $300,000
  • Traffic Impact Fee: $305,000
  • US Environmental Protection Agency provided $500,000 for site remediation for more info see here.