Hiring Questions and Answers

Where do I apply? 
To apply click here.

Can I request a ride along?
Due to high interest in this position, the opportunity to ride with an officer is reserved for those who have successfully passed the initial application review and oral board.

What’s the Oral Board process? 
The oral board process consists of panelists who will who ask a wide variety of questions specifically designed to determine the applicant’s suitability for law enforcement service. We do not provide sample oral board questions. The Emeryville Police Department looks for applicants who can meet the requirements found on the job posting. Please do not bring any documents during your interview (i.e. resumes or certificates).

What is the hiring process like? 
Prior to hiring, all candidates will partake in an oral board interview. After successfully passing the oral board, applicants might be asked to complete a Personal History Questionnaire also sometimes referred to as the Personal History Statement (PHS). After review of the PHS, candidates will be required to participate in a live scan (fingerprinting) and a polygraph examination. Law enforcement applicants must pass an extensive background investigation (DMV driving history, criminal history credit check, and education verification.) Once the background report is complete the applicant is invited to an interview with the Chief of Police. Depending on the interview results the last steps include a medical examination, drug screening, and a psychological examination. This process is applied to all positions in the Emeryville Police Department.

I’ve applied or taken my oral board, but I don’t know where I am in the process?
Application only: You will be contacted when interviews are being scheduled.

Oral Boards: The most qualified applicants will be contacted first. Please allow for 3 weeks to receive a notice after an oral board. If you are placed on an eligibly list, the list is valid for 6 months from your original oral board interview date. If you have not been contacted after 6 months, then you are welcome to reapply. The Emeryville Police Department does not provide individual feedback on the disqualification or ranking of an applicant. 

Can I apply if I’ve been convicted of a crime? 
A conviction is any plea, verdict or finding of guilt regardless of whether a court sentence was given. You may exclude any conviction for marijuana-related offenses, if over two years old. Convictions do not automatically disqualify you. The nature of the offense, the date of the offense, the surrounding circumstances and the relevance of the offense to the position sought may be considered. Domestic violence and sexual assault crimes are automatic disqualifiers.

I’m not a Citizen? 
California Government Code Section 1031(a) requires that Police Officers be citizens of the United States. California Government Code Section 1031.5 requires that permanent resident aliens who desire to be employed as Police Officers be eligible for and have applied for citizenship.


How old do I need to be?
Emeryville Police Recruits need to be twenty-one (21) years old at the time of graduating the Police Academy. You can enter the academy at 20.5 years if your 21st Birthday occurs before graduation. The academy is approximately six months long. 

What Academy is used? 
We typically send recruits to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Academy. See the link below for more information: https://www.sheriffacademy.com/index.php 

Do I need to take a physical agility? 
The Emeryville Police Department does not require a physical agility as part of our hiring process. Applicants should be prepared to meet the challenges of the extreme physical conditioning of a police academy . We expect our recruits to be physical condition prior to attending the academy.

Below is a sample of the psychical testing that will be administered at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Academy. https://vimeo.com/acso/review/277344113/7b1797ba58 

For more information on hiring requirements please visit: https://post.ca.gov/Applicant