Common Inquiries and Recent Initiatives

Cannabis Businesses: Potential operators of cannabis businesses interested in locating in Emeryville are encouraged to review this page, which contains information about the Ordinances and regulations the City has adopted to support the growth and development of the cannabis industry.

Eviction and Harassment Protection: Learn more about the protections available to tenants in the City of Emeryville. This ordinance, adopted on April 1, 2017, limits the reasons why landlords may terminate a tenancy in accordance with state laws, prohibits harassment of residential tenants, requires tenants be provided with notices of tenant rights under the ordinance, as well as a mandate that landlords use a form notice of termination of tenancy and provide a copy of the completed notice and applicable rental agreement to the City.

Emeryville Parking Management Plan: Emeryville is considering places to install new variable pricing, multi-space parking meters, as well as new neighborhoods where residential and business permits may be required. Keep up to date on how these changes may affect your home or business.

Art Center for Emeryville: On November 13, 2018, the City Council authorized the City Manager to execute an Exclusive Right to Negotiate Agreement (ERN) with Orton Development Inc. (Orton) for the development and operation of an Art Center on the City-owned property located at 4060 Hollis Street. Please visit this (Art Center) webpage periodically to check on the latest status of upcoming public meetings and also visit the City's home page "Newsflash" and "Calendar" postings for community meetings being held for the project.