Hollis Peak Hour Transit Only Feasibility Study

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The City of Emeryville (“City”) is seeking an engineering consultant or consultant team (“Consultant”) to complete a feasibility study, conceptual designs and preliminary cost estimate for dedication of one or more lanes to transit only use for a to be determined operational time, maximizing transit efficiency with the least impact on mid-day parking resources near retail establishments and left and right turn movements in critical intersections. The study will be completed in Fiscal Year 2019/2020.


The project is along Hollis Street in Emeryville, CA from the northern City border half a block north of 67th Street to 40th Street at a transfer and destination point where two bus corridors serving AC Transit cross, about a mile from the MacArthur BART station. AC Transit runs the 29 down Hollis and may consider new Transbay services on or crossing Hollis, should the city improve transit reliability in Emeryville. Emery Go-Round runs shuttles carrying approximately 1,000 riders per day along Hollis and then up Park Avenue to eventually turn to 40th to the MacArthur BART station. The project limits include 15 intersections and a Fire Station access point including:
  • Nine signalized intersections, one proposed new signal and five unsignalized intersections: one with no stops, one all way stops and three Hollis through and cross street stop controlled
  • Two T-intersections
  • Typically, 44 feet wide, Hollis widens in two locations for right turn pockets of varying lengths
  • Four bicycle routes cross the roadway
  • Ten bus stops serve both the AC Transit Route 29 and the Emery Go-Round Hollis Route on Hollis Street some of which are currently “near-side stops” of which some are intended could become “far-side stops” (i.e. moved across the intersection) or extended. A new stop nearside north bound is proposed at Stanford.