Permit Requirements for Shared Mobility Transportation

Emeryville's Shared Mobility Permit requires system operators to follow certain requirements, including liability coverage, affordability, community outreach and education, and data sharing. 

Shared Mobility Permits

Dockless Shared Mobility Permits - Permit application (including full permit requirements) can be found here.
Vehicle Shared Mobility Permits (mopeds and cars) - can be found here

Shared Mobility Ordinance

Details on Emeryville's Shared Mobility Ordinance can be found in the February 2, 2021 City Council resolution.

Mobility Data Specification

In order to manage a large number of dockless devices on streets and sidewalks, the new policy requires Mobility Providers to share information with the City (under the Mobility Data Specification, or MDS). The MDS was developed to create standard communications between cities and private companies to improve their operations, allowing cities to collect data that can, in turn, inform real-time traffic management and public policy decisions to enhance safety and equity. The MDS helps the City adhere to a consistent standard with many other cities locally and nationally.


Shapefiles of Emeryville's City Boundaries can be downloaded from the Alameda County Open Data.


A copy of the current Master Fee Schedule can be found here. [page 19]


For additional information please email sharedmobility[at]