Christie Sites Planning, Environmental and Feasibility Analysis RFP

The City of Emeryville (“City”) is seeking  professional consulting services to support the development of a mixed-use affordable housing project on City-owned properties located on Christie Avenue. Specifically, the City is soliciting proposals from interdisciplinary consultant teams experienced with planning, financial feasibility, environmental remediation and public outreach to create a development program that will become the basis of a developer solicitation and selection process.

The City owns three parcels at 5890, 5900 and 6150 Christie Avenue, which total 2.01 acres bounded to the north by Christie Avenue Park, to the west by Christie Avenue, to the east by the Public Market development, and to the south by a parking structure that serves an office building at 5850 Shellmound Way. Together, these properties comprise the “Christie Sites” and are the subject of this RFP.

To summarize the City’s objectives for this consultant team: The Christie Sites represent one of the last remaining large redevelopment opportunities for the City. The City’s policy goals include increasing the stock of affordable housing, increasing open space, and economic development that provides community benefits and fiscal stability. These goals may be advanced through the development of the Christie Sites and a process of engagement with stakeholders and the broader community is required to obtain buy-in.

However, the process to arrive at a shared vision for the development of the Christie Sites must necessarily be bounded by certain limitations. These include the legal limitations resulting from the properties’ status as a housing asset of the former Emeryville Redevelopment Agency and the requirements of the Surplus Lands Act, the economic limitations of the current market environment and availability of City funding support for affordable housing, as well as any site-specific economic and legal limitations created by existing environmental conditions.

In order to proceed with planning of the Christie Sites, the City requires an interdisciplinary team with deep knowledge of the legal and financial limitations and opportunities applicable to these properties, as well as expertise in conducting public outreach that builds consensus. The selected consultant will assist the City with developing a vision for the redevelopment of the Christie Sites, which will form the basis for developer solicitation.

Please see the following attachments for more information on this RFP


RFP Addendum No. 1

4300 San Pablo Avenue RFQ/P

The City of Emeryville, California is inviting developers to submit proposals to design and develop an affordable senior or inter-generational rental housing project on a 0.47 acre site located at 4300 San Pablo Avenue.

The overall objectives of the Request for Qualifications and Proposals (RFQ/P) are:

  • To select a developer (non-profit or for-profit) that is qualified, experienced, and has the capacity to undertake the design and development of an affordable rental housing project that maximizes the number of affordable units.
  • To implement an affordable housing project that effectively serves extremely low-, very low-, and low-income senior households and/or youth in an inter-generational housing model, including youth transitioning from the foster care system.
  • To implement a project that adheres to all appropriate Design Considerations including the City of Emeryville’s Planning Regulations, Design Guidelines, Green Design requirements and the San Pablo Avenue Urban Design Plan.
  • To meet the goals and objectives of the City of Emeryville’s 2015–2023 Housing Element of the City’s General Plan.
  • To minimize to the greatest extent possible, the City’s financial assistance by using outside resources such as private, state, and federal programs.
  • To ensure the financial sustainability of the project by selecting a developer able to demonstrate its capacity to sustain both its own financial health as well as that of the development project.

Interested applicants are required to attend a mandatory pre- submittal meeting on Tuesday, October 1, 2019 at 10 am located at Emeryville City Hall located at 1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608 followed by a site visit at 4300 San Pablo Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608.  

Firms are asked to submit their proposal for Phase 1 of the selection process by Noon, Thursday, November 7, 2019.

Selected Firms are asked to submit their proposal for Phase 2 of the selection process by 4:59pm, Friday, April 10, 2020. 

Developer Selection Process and Project Schedule

RFQ/P DistributedSeptember 24, 2019
Pre-Submission Meeting & Site Walk
(Developers are Required to Attend)
October 1, 2019 at 10 am
Phase 1 Submission DueNovember 7, 2019 at Noon
Applicant Short List AnnouncedJanuary 2020
Phase 2 Submission DueApril 10, 2020
Interviews of Short List by Housing CommitteeMay 4-8, 2020
Housing Committee RecommendationsJune 3, 2020
Award by City CouncilJuly 2020

RFQ/P Attachments

Map of Emeryville
Photographs of Property and Aerial Site Photo
ALTA Study
Allowable Development Calculations
Zoning and Use Classification Table
Estimated Parking Demands
City of Emeryville Design Guidelines
Environmental Remediation Documents- Phase 1
Title Sheet
Project Information Sheet
Housing Affordability Table
Sources and Uses Budget Template
30 Year Cash Flow Pro Forma Template
Emeryville Housing Element Goals, Objectives, Policies and Programs
Pre-Submittal Presentation
Pre-Submittal Sign-in Sheets
FAQ 10.10.2019
FAQ 10.21.2019
FAQ 10.24.2019
FAQ 10.29.2019
Phase 2 Clarifications (NEW)
Allowable Development Calculations: Updated - Phase 2 (NEW)
Phase 2 Clarifications FAQs (NEW)

For any questions, please submit them in writing to Valerie Bernardo, Community & Economic Development Coordinator at vbernardo@emeryville.org