Public Arts Planning

Public Art Master Plan Adopted

What is public art?

In 1990, it was common for the City and corporate residents to include significant pieces of art in public spaces, which was becoming increasingly more popular. In an effort to formalize the growing practice, the City of Emeryville established a “Percent for Art” ordinance. The Ordinance guaranteed a parallel investment in the arts from both municipal and private commercial development projects to include public artwork within projects. Developers have the option of either providing publicly accessible private art onsite or contributing to the Art in Public Places (AiPP) fund, which is used to purchase or commission public art owned by the City. As a result of increased development during the life of the program the ordinance ensured investment in the expansion of the City’s public art collection and continues to do so today.

What is the Public Art Masterplan?

After its successful first twenty-five years, a major goal of the Public Art Master Plan is to define the focus of the program for the residents, business owners, and other stakeholders who help define what is important to the community and Emeryville’s identity. By using the community engagement results, the City can facilitate a future of AiPP program that is meaningful, locally based and one that resonates with residents and visitors alike.

Public Art Masterplan Mission and Vision

The Art in Public Places Program should enhance the quality of life through art, create opportunity for artists, and affirm the community identity of Emeryville.

public art plan

Shellmound District Plan Adopted

shellmound plan

With a realigned Shellmound Street at the Public Market and several new multi-story, walkable mixed-use developments in the works, the Shellmound District will be transformed into an area of vibrant, commercial, mixed-use neighborhood center and a unique retail destination.

The objectives of the Shellmound District Public Art Plan is to establish an overall vision for future art projects, identify and prioritize locations in the District where art can have the greatest impact on the public realm, and to establish a framework for the Emeryville Art in Public Places to commission artists or partner with private developments in creating and installing works of art within the District.

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