All of the City’s public facilities have art.

fire station

Pumpers and Sparky by Vickie Jo Sowell adorn the fire station.

child development center

Our Child Development Center plays host to beautiful glass work by Narcissus Quagliata.

police station

Blue Print of a Garden by Nora Pauwels blooms in the Police Station.


And the Weaving and Waterways mural by Kelly Ording in the Emeryville Center for Community Life references both traditional Ohlone basket weaving motifs as well as the waterways surrounding Emeryville, speaking to both the historical and natural aspects of Emeryville. Learn more about other pieces of art in the ECCL here.

city hallFinally in City Hall, The Discussion by Scott Donahue, Three Spaces of Respite by Sheila Ghidini, and Solar Rose by Roger Berry delight and inspire visitors. Additionally, City Hall serves as a gallery for over ten works purchased from local artists; see this page for our Purchase Awards page. Additionally, the City is fortunate to host several donated works. Click here for a map of City Hall Art pieces.