AB1236 Electric Vehicle and Electric Service Equipment Checklist

Streamlined Permitting: EV Charging/AB 1236 Compliance

An electric vehicle charging station shall meet all applicable safety and performance standards established by the California Electrical Code, the Society of Automotive Engineers, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association, and accredited testing laboratories such as Underwriters Laboratories and, where applicable, rules of the Public Utilities Commission regarding safety and reliability.

The City of Emeryville has adopted an ordinance consistent with the goals that creates an expedited, streamlined permitting process for electric vehicle charging stations. In developing an expedited permitting process, the City adopted a checklist of all requirements with which electric vehicle charging stations shall comply to be eligible for expedited review.  An application that satisfies the information requirements in the checklist, as determined by the City shall be deemed complete. Upon submission and meeting the requirements of the checklist the City, will issue all required permits or authorizations.

The checklist and required permit application shall be published on a publicly accessible Internet Web site. The City refers to the recommendations contained in the most current version of the “Plug-In Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Permitting Checklist” of the “Zero-Emission Vehicles in California: Community Readiness Guidebook” published by the Office of Planning and Research.


EV Checklist