Expanded Learning Program

2023-2024 Expanded Learning Information

The City of Emeryville is the provider for the Emery USD Expanded Learning Program at Anna Yates Elementary. As a result, non-Anna Yates enrollment is extremally limited. Please contact us to inquire about non-Anna Yates enrollment at 510-596-4395.

Your next opportunity to sign up for the City of Emeryville's Expanded Learning Program (aka afterschool program) at Anna Yates is fast approaching! 
Please attend one of the following orientations in order to sign up for the Expanded Learning Program. You will not be able to sign up for the program if a parent/guardian does not attend one of the following sessions:
Registration for the school year 2024-2025 will begin in April/May 2024. Please ensure that you are signed up for notifications through Civic Rec. Call us if you need any help!

How to Register:

Do the following steps in order:

  1. Attend the mandatory parent/guardian orientation. Please call 510-596-4395 to enquire when the next orientation will be. 
  2. Please read the Expanded Learning Program Family Handbook in its entirety by clicking here. Call our office at 510-596-4395 if you have any questions regarding our program policies or procedures. It is imperative that you find our program a fit for your family and child(ren), prior to enrollment.
  3. Set up you Civic Rec account if you don't already have one. Ensure that you input your child's information and their correct grade.
  4. Once you complete your family orientation, go to Civic Rec and complete the required online registration form when registration opens, by clicking here.  You must complete an online registration form for each child. For a household with multiple children, register them one at a time, do not put them all in your cart at once. The platform will time you out and you'll have to start all over. Important information transfers from application to application so just adjust your answers to fit each child when applicable. Take your time and answer each prompt, completely and thoughtfully. We use this to create your students' profile. Please have ready all the contact information for additional authorized pick up persons, income information, and be sure to disclose any and all information that will help us serve your child(ren) best including, allergies, personality traits, IEP's, etc.
  5. Program fees will not be paid by families this year! EUSD has agreed to pay the tuition for all students using the ELO-P and ASES grant funding they received from the California Department of Education. When you register, click the gray bar that says Pay Now($,$$$). Screenshot 2023-05-16 140735Then, a drop down will appear and you will see a Free ($,$$$) option to click. CLICK THIS!
    DO NOT MAKE A PAYMENT! You will see the fees automatically assessed on your account for the year. EUSD will pay that amount by June. To ensure that the district is paying an accurate amount in fees, we are asking all families to submit income verification to our offices which you will see in the application. If needed, we will follow up with families to determine if you qualify for sliding scale. We will change the fees on your account, and charge the district accordingly. Please be accurate when answering these questions. The district can use their savings to pay for other enrichment programs for your child(ren).
    • Note: If you qualify for CalFresh, SNAP, SSI, etc. you may qualify to get your program fees subsidized by a third party vendor such as Banana's, 4C's, Hively, or Davis Street. To lower the costs to the district and in an effort to free up more funding for enrichment programs, these 3rd party contracts will still be accepted. Contracts are due as soon as possible. Please start gathering these items now and reach out to your case worker. If you need help, please call our offices at 510-596-4395 or email csd@emeryville.org
  6. We are committed to enrolling all students who wish to enroll, however some students may see that their group is full and an option to be on the waitlist is available to them. Still sign up on the waitlist as it is our goal to serve everyone. The waitlist is just a delayed start date if we do not have staff, or contractors to safely supervise them. Once we have staff or contractors to safely enroll your student, we will be contacting you in the order that your enrollment form was received. 

For technical assistance, please call our office at 510-596-43955.

Program Components:

  1. Academic Support: our staff try to create a supportive environment and a quiet space for students to work on homework, study, or practice academic skills. Families should still review homework with their child(ren) nightly to know where their strengths and area's of growth are. 
  2. Enrichment: staff lead students in planned activities that may include: arts and crafts, STEM, sports, and themed activities.
  3. Snack: all students will receive a nutritious snack provided by the Emery Unified School District (EUSD).
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Staff leading yoga

Important Policies to Review in the Family Handbook:

  1. Attendance Policy: Our program runs daily from the time the bell rings until 6:00pmAll students must attend program everyday for at least half of the program time. For TK/K students that is until 3:45pm. For 1st-8th grade students that is 4:30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday's. All students must be in program until 3:45pm on Wednesday's. Excessive absences or early pickups (prior to the times listed above) may result in your student losing their spot in program.
  2. Behavior policy: Please review our program behavior guidelines with your child(ren) prior to enrollment. We have a zero tolerance policy for physical violence/retaliation, slurs, stealing, vandalism, and leaving program without permission. Negative behavior may result in your child's dismissal from program for the remainder of the school year.


  • What grades do you serve? We serve grades TK-8th grade students, with priority given to TK-6th grade students based on the districts grant requirements. (To see our high school Leaders in Training Program, please click here)
  • Will you also be doing a Before School Program? Due to limited staff availability and limited interest, we are not providing a before school year program this year. However, please let us know if you are interested in a Before School Program by emailing csd@emeryville.org. If there is enough demand, we may look into options to fulfill this renewed need within the community. 
  • How are you able to provide this program for free? Governor Newsom secured additional funding to support expanded learning opportunities for CA students through Senate Bill 129 and Assembly Bill 130. The purpose of these funds is for school districts to offer a free afterschool enrichment program option for grades TK-6th grade. The existing partnership between the City and District allows for both the expansion of the program and for it to be free for students. 
  • Do you accept applications on a first come, first served basis? We will accept applications on a first come first served basis and enroll those that have a delayed start date based on the following priority list: resident, Anna Yates student, family need, student academic/social need, district recommendation.
  • Do you accept students with special needs and/or IEP's? Yes! Please indicate this on your application. We will work with EUSD to ensure that they are able to be supported within the after-school program. 
  • I'm not a resident and my child does not go to Anna Yates School, can I still enroll in program? We will not be serving non-Anna Yates students at this time. Please check back often for updates! 
  • Do you ensure that homework is complete and correct? Due to staff ratio limits we aren't able to ensure that homework is complete, correct or turned in on time. It is the responsibility of the student to ask for support when needed and do any unfinished homework at home. Please follow up with your child once you get home and review their homework along with what was assigned. Please call us to discuss your child's needs during homework time and we will do our best to support their academic goals. Also, make note of when our program does homework time. Early pickups and parallel programing will affect their ability to complete their homework.
  • Can my child bring their own snack? Yes, feel free to bring additional snacks if your child may want one. We request that all additional food options are healthy and must be nut free. We cannot heat up food. Our snacks usually consist of a grain, fruit, and a dairy product. We can store cold food items for students who are lactose-free or vegan.
  • Where is your program and/or office located? We are located at the Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) complex which houses the Anna Yates K-8 School, Emery High School, EUSD District Offices, and the Emeryville Community Services Office. Our campus has a sprawling turf field/track, pool and gym. Our office address is 4727 San Pablo Ave. Emeryville Ca. 94608. Enter through the A1 gate on San Pablo and go to the lobby in building B to your left.
  • Who can I speak to about program concerns or policy exceptions? You can call Christen Gray, the Youth Services Supervisor at 510-596-4396.
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