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It is the City of Emeryville’s responsibility to provide public services and operate facilities that are vital to community safety and the quality of life of all our residents. Despite the challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, the City is focused on protecting the local quality of life by maintaining a vibrant community, prioritizing safe neighborhoods, repairing and renovating streets and roads, providing meals to seniors and those most vulnerable, and supporting local businesses. Our goal is to keep pace with these service needs while also being fiscally responsible. In order to maintain our quality of life, City leaders are considering placing a revenue measure on the November 2022 ballot. No decisions have been made yet - please see the additional information on this page and take our survey to provide your feedback!

City Conducting Community Opinion Poll Starting May 24th

FM3 Research (FM3) is working with the City of Emeryville to conduct a survey of a random sample of residents to inform the City Council about possible ballot measures for November. The survey methods include telephone calls and email/text invitations, telephone and online interviews. The start date is Tuesday, May 24, 2022, and the process should last 7 to 21 days, depending on response rates. The random sample is pulled from the public voter file available at the County Registrar of Voters. Since the survey is a random sample of residents, not everyone will be contacted. However, your input is welcome and please feel free to share your opinions by using the Join the Conversation email link below, or by participating in Essential City Services survey also found below on this page. 

Revenue Measure Information:

What do you want Emeryville to be?  Email the City to share your thoughts:  JoinTheConversation@emeryville.org

In order to align the measure with the needs of the community, we have created a survey for citizens to provide their valuable input: