Retrieve a Towed Vehicle

The following steps are required to obtain a vehicle release from the Emeryville Police Department.  For further reference, some lawsemeryvilleshield  large JPEG regulating vehicle releases can be located in California Vehicle Code Sections 22651, 22850, 22852, and 16028(a). 
Step 1. Gather Your Documents

  • Valid Government ID and/or driver’s license of the registered owner of the vehicle
  • Proof of current vehicle insurance
  • Proof of current vehicle registration
  • A notarized letter of authorization with original signature of vehicle owner, accompanied by a U.S. Government or State Government issued photo identification and a current vehicle registration card or evidence of title will be required if the registered owner is not present
  • A rental agreement in the requestors name (if the vehicle is a rental)
  • Company identification (for company vehicle releases) 
  • Letters and faxes will be accepted from lien holders, insurance companies and rental vehicle companies

*If your vehicle has an expired registration, a temporary registration permit, or there is an incomplete DMV registration application, all fees must be paid to DMV and the vehicle registration/title must be completed in the registered owner’s name.   DMV Form number, REG 172 (one-day) Vehicle Moving Permits, will only be accepted if all other vehicle release requirements are met.

Step 2. Obtain A Vehicle Release 

Once you have gathered all required documents the registered owner or authorized agent (with a notarized letter) must come to the Emeryville Police Department during normal business hours to obtain a vehicle release form. 

  • The documents will be verified by EPD staff to ensure compliance with the laws.
  • The registered owner must have a valid driver’s license or must have a valid driver present with them.
  • You will then have to pay a $207 release fee.  Fees must be paid with cash only and exact change is required. (release fees are not required for recovered stolen vehicle releases) 

 Step 3. Claim Your Vehicle In-person

  • After receiving a vehicle release form from EPD, contact Berry Brothers Towing & Transport at (510) 652-4655, to schedule the retrieval of the vehicle.
  • Present EPD vehicle release to the tow company
  • Pay any additional daily storage and towing fees set by Berry Brothers Towing & Transport. There may be additional fees if your vehicle requires indoor storage or if you claim your vehicle after 5 p.m. or on a weekend.

 Step 4. 30-Day Impound Vehicles

 If your vehicle was impounded for 30-days and you wish to get a vehicle release before the 30-days has passed you can request a post-storage Tow Hearing.  The Emeryville Police Department holds post-storage tow hearings pursuant to CVC 14602.6 and CVC 22852, Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays), 11:00 am to 2:00 pm. You will need to make a request for a post-storage hearing within 10-days of date appearing on the notice.  At your request, the hearing officer will review your request for an early release of the impounded vehicle. To be eligible for early release, all steps noted in section one must be met.