Middle School Programs (6th-8th Grade)

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Leaders in Training Entering 9TH-12TH

The Leaders In Training (L.I.T.) program is designed to prepare entering 9th-12th grade students for the workforce. We help them develop their professional skills and give them leadership opportunities to be a mentor to young students. If you or your student are interested in interviewing for a spot in the program, please call 510-596-4395. The L.I.T. Program will be available for two sessions (4 weeks per session). The minimum commitment is fifteen hours per week. Applications for the first session are due on June 19th and applications for the second session are due on July 17th. 

L.I.T Program

Aquatic Interns

The aquatic intern program is designed for youth (12-15 years of age) who are interested in becoming lifeguards and WSI, but do not meet the minimum age requirements. This program will help to prepare participants to apply for and work as a professional lifeguard and WSI once they do meet the age requirement. All participants will help to protect the lives and well being of each person using the pool and teach swim lessons at our facility 

Applications will be accepted May 1st to May 31st. Group interviews will begin in June. Application