Indoor Facility Rentals

Facilities & Addresses

Emeryville features several indoor facilities that are available for private rentals. These facilities are commonly used and enjoyed for family parties, fundraisers, children’s birthday parties, board meetings, wedding receptions, or memorial services. The specific facilities available are:

Facility Capacity and Amenities Rental Matrix (PDF)

Step by Step Rental Instructions:
Facility rentals require a permit issued by the City of Emeryville Community Services Department. This includes all organized sports, clubs, and/or teams who are interested in using the facilities.  Please complete the requirements listed below at least 2 weeks prior to the date of your event:

  1. Download and review the Indoor Facility Rental Guide and Application (PDF) or the ECCL Facility Rental Guide and Application (PDF) by clicking on the link, or contact Ellen Han via email or at 510-596-4353, or in person at 4727 San Pablo Avenue (Emeryville Center of Community Life, Building B)
  2. Download and review the Rental Fee Chart (PDF).
  3. Submit the Indoor Facility Rental Application and appropriate application fee ($22 residents / $44 non-residents/ $34 non-profit) to Ellen Han. To verify residency please cross reference this List of Emeryville Resident Addresses (PDF).
  4. Once the application is reviewed the applicant will be contacted as soon as possible.
  5. If the application is approved or approved with conditions, all the associated fees must be paid and conditions met prior to the rental date.
  6. Once all fees are paid and conditions of approval are met, a final permit will be issued.

Mandatory Permit Requirements

  • Compliance with Emeryville Green Ordinances: Recycling / Eco Food-Ware Flyer (PDF)
  • All indoor rentals must provide a $1,000,000 Certificate of Event Liability Insurance Indemnifying the City of Emeryville.
    • Note that Event Liability Insurance is offered through the City of Emeryville / Hub International for those renters unable / unwilling to obtain their own Certificate of Insurance: Application and Rates (PDF)

Optional Permit Requirements

Depending on your event details, you may be asked to complete these requirements in order to receive your permit.

  • Events Serving Alcohol:

    • Events 50 people or more: $56 residents / $112 non-resident/ $84 non-profit Emeryville Public Alcohol Consumption Fee
    • Events 49 people or less: $34 resident/ $56 non-resident/ $44 non-profit
    • Note that events serving alcohol and open/advertised to the public may be required to obtain an Emeryville one-day cabaret permit. Contact the rental coordinator for more information or details.
  • Events Selling Alcohol:

    • Submit a valid "Daily License (Special One-Day Event Permit)" from the Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) of California. To complete the application (ABC 221), you’ll need permission from the Emeryville Police Department as the "landowner" signee. Contact the Police Department at 510-596-3700.
    • Public Alcohol Consumption Fee applies.
  • Note that events open to the public and/or featuring live entertainment may be required to obtain an Emeryville one-day Cabaret Permit (PDF). Contact the Rental Specialist for more information or details.
  • Security Guards:
    • Security Guards are required for indoor rentals of over 100 people and/or indoor rentals where alcohol is served for more than 4 hours.

Check Availability Online

Looking to find out if your favorite park site or indoor facility is available? Find out immediately online! 

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the "Facility Rentals" tab (it is orange)
  3. Click on the park or facility you are interested in renting
  4. See the availability by clicking on the months next to each room / facility or site / park to which days in that month are reserved.
  5. Available dates are in green. Orange dates may have some availability. Click on the date to see the times that are available.
  6. Email your permit application (available above) to or bring it to the ECCL Front Desk at 4727 San Pablo Avenue. Your date is reserved once the application fee has been paid.

Facility Rental Info

For more information or to submit an indoor rental application, contact Ellen Han at or at 510-596-4353.