Planning Regulations

General Information

Formerly known as the Zoning Code, the new Planning Regulations include chapters on use classifications, zoning, site-specific and city-wide development regulations, subdivisions, permit processes, and all things planning. Click the links below to explore our new set of Regulations.

Zoning Tools


Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance


Related Code Sections

Base Zones

  • Medium Density Residential (RM)
  • Medium-High Density Residential (RMH)
  • High Density Residential (RH)
  • Mixed Use with Residential (MUR)
  • Mixed Use with Residential South (MURS)
  • Mixed Use with Non-Residential (MUN)
  • Office/Technology (OT)
  • Office/Technology Doyle-Hollis North (OT/DH)
  • Light Industrial (INL)
  • Heavy Industrial (INH)
  • Public (P)
  • Marina (M)
  • Park/Open Space (PO)
  • Shoreline Management (S-M)
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)
  • Utilities/Transportation (UT)

Overlay Zones

  • North Hollis District (N-H)
  • Park Avenue District (P-A)
  • Neighborhood Retail (NR)
  • Regional Retail (RR)
  • Transit Hub Overlay (TH)
  • Pedestrian Priority Overlay (PP)