Housing Affordability


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State Law

The Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Ordinance is consistent with State law regarding what constitutes affordable housing costs, found in Section 50052.5 of the California Health and Safety Code.

Ownership Residential Projects

For ownership residential projects, housing costs shall generally mean the monthly mortgage principal and interest, property taxes and assessments, homeowners insurance, homeowner association fees where applicable, an allowance for utilities and property maintenance, and repairs.

Rental Housing Projects

For rental housing projects, housing costs include monthly rent and an allowance for utlities, fees, or service charges charged to all tenants.

Cost Calculations

The affordable housing cost calculation for owner-occupied and renter-occupied housing at moderate, low, and very low income levels is shown on the following table.

Total housing costs may not exceed the following calculations:
Income Level
Ownership Housing
Rental Housing (Gross Rent)
Moderate Income 35%-110% of AMI
30%-110% of AMI
Low Income 30%-70% of AMI
30%-60% of AMI
Very Low Income 30%-50% of AMI
30%-50% of AMI
AMI = Adjusted Monthly Income

To view the current income limits, which the City updates annually, see this table.