Space at Job Site for Inspection Services

Typically, the magnitude of the project determines whether the applicant provides the use of a trailer, a secured area, and phone access, whereas field inspection and special inspection staff can communicate, retain, and secure pertinent information regarding the project.

For example, approved plans, RFIs, correspondence between special inspectors, project manager, sub-contractors, etc. must be placed in a secured area on the site for immediate reference. These projects are typically complex in design and large in magnitude whereby we can expect a large amount of correspondence throughout construction phases.

The inspection process, specifically scheduling, correspondence, consistency, and timing of inspections, is critical for the success in projects of this nature. It would be unreasonable to expect field staff to carry this type of documentation with them and return to the office for verification or clarification of issues, taking into consideration the fact that more than one field inspection staff is expected to provide consistent building services for this project.

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