California Curriculum Standards

The View from Emeryville: The Use of the Emeryville Shellmound Site in the Teaching to California History and Social Science Strands and Content Standards

Goals & Curriculum Strands
Goals & Curriculum Strands Relevance of Emeryville Shellmound Material
Knowledge and cultural understanding Perspective of 2,800 years of change in the Bay Region; appreciation of contribution of diverse cultures to our history
Democratic understanding and civic values Understanding that many factors play into the process of change and decision making in a community
Attainment and social participation Engagement in the story of their own local community

Social Science & Historical Analysis Skills
Social Science & Historical Analysis Skills
Relevance of Emeryville Shellmound Material
Chronological and spatial thinking Time lines, archaeological data, historic and modern maps and historic events all contribute to chronological sequencing events in time and of changes of the locale through time
Research, evidence and point of view Archaeological data is provided as a primary source of information about the past. Artifacts and historic photos provide opportunities to understand changing points of view, and also to appreciate that each culture must solve a similar set of problems, and the solutions may be very different,
Historical interpretation Study of a long sequence of change in a single locale provides a context for interpretation of historical change

Grade Level Content Standards