Survey Benchmarks
Survey Benchmarks are permanently affixed marks that establish the exact elevation of a place; used by surveyors in measuring site elevations, or as a starting point for surveys.

City of Emeryville Benchmarks
View the map of the City of Emeryville with approximate locations of benchmarks.

Note: Basis of all BM elevations is NGS BM H130 in face of Old City Hall, unless otherwise noted. (Datum National Geodetic Verticle Datum 1929)

EBM Number EMB (original) Number Description/Location Elevation (feet) Comments Images
1 H130 NGS Bench Mark on northerly face of Old City Hall, Park and Hollis Streets 24.514

2 - Standard Oakland disc in walk west of west curb of Adeline Street at the intersection of San Pablo Ave., Adeline St.and 38th St. 34.72
Image #1 Image #2
3 - 4" Brass Disc set on top of concrete bridge wall (with "TR.7664" stamped) at NE corner of Temescal Creek Bridge on Shellmound St. 12.47
Image #1 Image #2
4 6 Fd. Brass disc in Std. Mon. encl. in sidewalk at SE corner of 53rd and Horton Streets 13.09
Image #1 Image #2
5 22 Cut square Northwest corner of Emery High School on concretewall 30.03 (FBI, pg.60, 1/11/79) Image #1 Image #2
6 2A EBMUD benchmark 2.5 inch Brass cap on loading dock on west side of Apex Machine Stamping Co. (on Powell St.) 11.82
Image #1 Image #2
7 11 Brass disc in top of planter wall at NW corner Mini-Park at SE corner 62nd and Doyle Streets 20.65 (FBI, pg.26, 6/3/80) Image #1
Image #2
8 13 Cut square in sidewalk opposite West B.C. at Northwest Corner 63rd and Hollis Streets 16.01

9 14 City Monument 64th Street and SP R/W Per 5 R/S 43 (Pin Monument) 11.93 (MBK 11/28/05) Image #1 Image #2
10 15 3 inch diameter Brass disc at NE corner of concrete base of pedestal with signal light and electrolier at SE corner of 65th St. and Shellmound St. 16.196 (reset in 2005) Image #1 Image #2
11 26 Brass disc in concrete on elevator tower's roof of Cutter Building, 2200 Powell Street. Horizontal Control Point "Lathrop". Calculated trigonomentrically using recipical angles from marina "B" 200.3

12 4 Brass disc in northface of Police Station 17.488
Image #1 Image #2
13 ERM-01 Brass Disc on northerly end of concrete footing at westerly approach of the Emeryville Marina fishing Pier 13.59 MLLW Elevation is based on Mean Lower Low Water Datum Image #1 Image #2