Check Space Requirement & Obtain Building Permits for Tenant

Space Requirements
Your space requirements depend on the daily operational needs of your business, the previous use of your space or building, and other physical changes required to begin your specific type of business. Because these requirements can cost you money, it is very important to visit the Building Department before signing your lease or purchasing your space.

Although the city does not provide inspections upon request, we can refer you to a private inspection service.

Obtain Building Permits for Tenant Improvements
If you plan to remodel or change anything about the interior or exterior of your building, you may need a permit. For instance, installing storage racks or partition walls higher than 6 feet requires a permit, as do some lighting enhancements. Exterior improvements may require a "Design Review" permit from the Planning Division. Please review these requirements with the Planning and Building Department to clarify any important tenant improvement issues before signing lease.

Emeryville Planning Building Department