Applying to a City Board Commission Committee

To apply to one of the City’s advisory bodies, please complete an application and submit it to the City Clerk’s Office (press “submit” at the bottom of the application). Interested community members may also obtain an application through the City Clerk’s Office and e-mail/hand deliver to the City Clerk’s Office, Emeryville Civic Center, 1333 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608.

Click here for a listing of our current committee vacancies.

Applicants will receive either an emailed or postal receipt notice from the City Clerk’s Office within 5 business days. Applications are kept on active file for one year and applicants will be notified when their advisory body of interest has a vacancy. Applicants are encouraged to attend at least one meeting of the advisory body that they are interested in joining.

If the City Clerk’s Office receives an application for an unfilled advisory body position that does not have a noticed application deadline, the City Clerk’s Office will post a notice within 3 days that indicates the time line and process by which the position will be filled, including an application deadline; the meeting date at which the advisory body will hold interviews (optional); and the City Council meeting date at which the City Council will be requested to make the appointment(s).

For more information, contact the City Clerk's Office at 510-450-7800.