Active Transportation Plan

Emeryville is developing its first Active Transportation Plan to make walking, biking, and rolling (using a wheeled mobility device, stroller, scooter, skateboard, or shopping cart, etc.) easier and more enjoyable as you travel through and around the City. This plan builds from the 2012 Citywide Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan. Your input will help us develop the plan.
Participate at where you can take a survey, share your experiences on an interactive map, and find out about upcoming workshops and events that begin in June 2021. 

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan Overview

The Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan addresses pedestrian and bicycle programs, citywide improvements, bicycle boulevard standards, site-specific projects, and funding and implementation. Proposed improvements include pedestrian-bicycle bridges, paths, intersection treatments, parklets, signs, bike parking, and bicycle detection at signals.

Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan

Part 1: Purpose, Vision and Existing Conditions

Part 2: Implementation Strategy

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plan Appendices